Having Constant Body Pain? Here Are Those Bad Postures To Avoid For Relief

There is no denying the fact that unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet are the main culprits behind your deteriorating health. In the constant urge to earn money, people are sacrificing on the time they should be giving to their health. Every second individual today complains of body pain that simply doesn’t seem to go and worsens with time. What they need to understand is even simple habits like standing erect and sitting with spine straight can aid in getting a proper body posture and help to get rid of body pain.

Here are some right and wrong body postures that will help you in understanding where you have been going wrong. Didn’t we just sound like your saviour in disguise? Sit erect and read on…

1. Lying on the Pillow

We often ignore how or what our position is on the pillow. Using too high or too low a pillow can result in chronic body pain. Always ensure your body is in level with the pillow when you are sleeping.

body pain

2. Carrying a Backpack

Wearing a backpack on one side of the shoulder or having it pull you down towards your back is not the ideal way to carry it. Always wear it high on your back to cause minimum stress to your back and shoulders and have the load distributed evenly on your body.


body pain

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