9 Cute Things You Can Do To Surprise Your Boyfriend

2. Make a Jar and Fill it With His favorite Cookies and Chocolates

In case your partner has a strong sweet tooth, there could be no better gift than a jar filled with sweets in it. You could also decorate that jar with a picture of you two. The jar would hold the sweets that he takes and each time he sees it, it could remind you of the sweetness in your relationship.


3. Make a Pathway With Balloons leading up to his favorite gift

Decorate a pathway with balloons and then gift him something he’s really wanted for very long. I swear to you, his expressions will keep you pumped up for a long, long time. You could perhaps gift him that iPhone he’s had his eye on, or maybe a pair of shoes that he saw but didn’t buy, or anything that holds a special value between the two of you to make it really special.


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