8 Delicious Foods That Will Boost Your Hair Growth

2. Protein rich foods

Hair growth and nail growth are caused by protein. So it’s a no brainer that you need to store up on it to increase your hair’s natural beauty. Proteins are like a magic ingredient. You will see the results much more sooner than expected. To boost your hair growth you can store up on food such as eggs, chicken, nuts, legumes, dairy products and so on.


3. Zinc Rich Foods

You have got to have zinc rich foods if you want to see your tresses grow long. Zinc is the secret ingredient to long and lustrous hair. So the next time you pass a vendor serving you fresh oysters, grab them up. Oysters, cereals, beef, eggs and whole grains are an excellent source of zinc. Storing up on them will make you feel enriched and will also nourish your hair.


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