Did You Know These 10 Differences Between Liking And Loving Someone?

When we talk about differences between liking and loving someone, we assume these are very subtle differences and that it is very hard to distinguish whether someone is actually in love with you or not. But in reality there is a vast ocean of differences, just like between just a friend and a best friend. So here are 10 such differences between liking and loving someone that will surely make sense, if you think about it. Sure, before actually loving someone you must go through the liking stage and that is where most people get confused.

1. What you wear

Folks, what you wear actually matters a lot. If after a long relationship you still spend hours to get ready before meeting your love, I got bad news for you, either of you is not really in love. If you’re in love, you can meet anytime, anywhere, wearing anything. Yes, he’ll love you even in your torn pajamas with messed up hair¬†and a face looking like you haven’t slept in a century.

1- differences between liking and loving someone

2. Spending time together

When you’re in the liking stage, you tend to be very jealous of his/her time, and you just want to stick together all time until one of you gets freaked out.

But if you truly love someone, you won’t mind if they spend some time with their friends. You won’t see another pretty girl as a danger because you know he’s yours for life. In fact, as the relationship grows ripe you both will encourage each other to spend some time with old friends or even to go out alone and make new friends.

2- differences between liking and loving someone

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