Did You Know These 10 Differences Between Liking And Loving Someone?

3. Anniversary

Honestly, I’ve never seen a truly in love couple fighting over either of them forgetting their anniversary, be it first second or tenth or even thirtieth. Celebrating month anniversaries has become a trend among young lovers, probably because their relationships rarely last over a month.

If you’re still celebrating your 3rd, 4th, 5th month anniversary, you’re probably not in love, or at least not yet. If you really love someone, time flies and you might be thinking about your 2nd anniversary couple of weeks before and suddenly remember it is gone by.

3- differences between liking and loving someone

4. Just the 2 of you ?

Obviously in the beginning of a relationship every couple prefers to spend time alone together.

But as the like transforms into true love, you will eventually get over this. You will want them to meet everyone, all your friends, and your whole family too. If you’re in love then there’s nothing to hide right ?

4- differences between liking and loving someone

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