Did You Know These 10 Differences Between Liking And Loving Someone?

5. Texting

If you get pissed by your “loved” one not texting you back immediately, you probably are not really in love (yet). When you love someone, you understand if they are not able to reply back immediately, you don’t start fantasizing how they would be cheating on you as a reason for their delay.

You will understand that they might be busy or just needing some time off their device, so you just give it some time without freaking out right on the spot.

5- differences between liking and loving someone

6. How you behave

When you like someone, you believe you must change yourself to be liked back. You will always give your best to satisfy that expectation and are scared hell of doing something “unacceptable” in their presence as you fear it might take them away from you.

But how long can you pretend, what do you think ? Eventually, if that relationship is even going to last more than couple of months, you will have to be yourself at a point. When you love someone, and they love you back, there is nothing inappropriate or unacceptable for either of you. So what if you burp like a guy or a fart sneaks out, they won’t even notice. If they do, then you both will probably be laughing about it heartily. 😛

6- differences between liking and loving someone

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