Did You Know These 10 Differences Between Liking And Loving Someone?

7. The definition of perfection

Now this is one of the major differences between a high school crush and a long term, maybe for life, love filled relationship. Sometimes you find yourself wondering how your friend can be dating someone looking so below your standard of handsomeness, or someone with so less fashion sense, but hey does that even matter in love? If you’re together just because they’re perfect, you’re probably on the wrong train.

If you truly love someone for who they are, from inside, it won’t matter which fashion trend they are following, whether they fall in the worldwide acclaimed standard of handsome/beautiful, or even if they don’t give a damn about their looks. You love them and that’s it. Imperfections, after all, are the features that make us human.

7- differences between liking and loving someone

8. When they’re not well

You had to go for a movie and they call in sick? No problem, get well soon honey, I’ll go with someone else. Love? I don’t think so. If you can’t cancel your plans to go and meet your love when they’re sick, that’s not real love.

If you really love them you will not give a damn about anything else in the world, you will even cancel your flight if need be just to be with them, make them feel comfortable and help them get through the annoying, boring time of their illness. You won’t even think for a second, even if they tell you not to bother you’ll just drop everything to be by their side when they most need you.

8- differences between liking and loving someone

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