Did You Know These 10 Differences Between Liking And Loving Someone?

9. Having an argument

This is one of those eye opening differences between liking and loving someone. If you stop talking to each other after having an argument, you’re probably not in love. When you’re in love, you’ll forget you even had an argument just couple of minutes later. You have so much more to talk about and to do together, who got time for frowning over something, silly or serious, that risks taking you apart?

If it is a serious matter you will obviously discuss it over again after cooling both your heads, but you’ll definitely not stop talking to each other.

9- differences between liking and loving someone

10. Show off or be cozy ?

Last but not least, the place where you usually meet tells a lot about your relationship. If you or your partner tend to prefer going out together, it is very likely to be just a way to show what a pretty partner they got, or hey look I’m in a relationship xD

When you’re in love, you’ll find going out as something to do for certain occasions, but you’ll prefer meeting up in a cozy place, preferably either of your homes. Don’t get me wrong, if staying at home is just to take¬†advantage and get lucky, that’s no love either. Sitting on your sofa cuddling up under a blanket and watching a random movie together (or even with friends/family) on the other hand, that is quite romantic and what truly in love people like to spend their together time doing.

10- differences between liking and loving someone