Do Not Drink Water Immediately Before And After Meals. Here’s Why…

Doctors advise on drinking adequate water daily and keeping yourself well hydrated at all times. But did you know that water – like every other food – should be taken at a proper time. For instance, drinking water immediately before and after meals can hinder digestion and also affect your food intake. While some people propagated intake of cold water and liquids during meals, the fact is that taking water immediately before, during and after meals is not advisable. Here are some reasons why you should not drink water with meals.

Drinking Water Before Meals

If you drink water immediately before meals, it acts as a deterrent to proper digestion. Water dilutes the gastric juice and weakens the digestive system if gulped down immediately before you eat.

In case you need to have medicine before your meals, please have it at least an hour before your scheduled meal time with a limited quantity of water.

not drink water

Drinking Water During Meals

You should not drink water or take any other liquids during meals as this interrupts your digestion and does not allow your body to absorb all nutrients efficiently. If you drink cold water and liquids with meals, it will dilute your naturally occurring digestive enzymes and stomach acids which will make it difficult to break down food.

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