Do Not Drink Water Immediately Before And After Meals. Here’s Why…

Drinking Water After Meals

We all know that water is a natural coolant. If you take water immediately after eating, it will play its role in cooling down your body and will interrupt in the digestion process. Your body needs time to break down food and digest it while absorbing the essential nutrients from what you have eaten and if you drink water before this process happens, it will not let your digestive system function efficiently and you may end up feeling bloated.

As per Ayurveda, if you keep up with this wrong practice of drinking water immediately after meals, you may end up gaining weight in the long run.

not drink water

In Case of Urgency

If you have chewed on something spicy or have choked on something, you may take a few drops of water, which is just enough to solve the immediate purpose. Please ensure that the water you take should be at room temperature and not chilled as otherwise it will make your digestive enzymes inactive and build up toxic waste in your body.

not drink water

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