Stop Drinking Water This Way, It Might Become Dangerous For Health

It has been said that you should never drink water while standing up. It is bad for your health. You should always sit down and then have your water. I’m sure most of you haven’t bothered to pay any heed to this advice. But you must!

There is another set of people that drink water in a sip. Isn’t that weird? Doctors advice that not only should you drink water while sitting, you must drink it in little sips – not at once. Here’s what more you didn’t know about drinking water:

1. You must drink 8 glasses of water a day

Take a medium sized glass and measure 8 glasses. That is how much water you must drink at least in a day. For a better understanding. 1 glass = 250 ml. So if you are finishing up a 500 ml of water bottle, you are having two glasses of water. You should drink 4 water bottles worth of water throughout the day. Sounds simple?


2. Water gets splashed across the stomach walls when you’re drinking water standing

It is easy to see – when you are standing up, your esophagus is totally straight and gravity is doing its job of bringing down the water in full force. When you are sitting on the other hand, your esophagus is slightly curved, making it easier for the water to reach your stomach gently. Long term drinking water while standing can cause your digestive system to stop working as it really affects you badly.


3. Water doesn’t even get filtered properly when you are drinking water in standing position

When you do that, the water directly goes to your stomach and then from there seeps into the kidneys. This is why impurities are not filtered by the stomach first. This can cause gall bladder problems as the impurities will be filtered and can cause kidney stones in the long term.


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