10 Weird But Effective Hangover Remedies From Around The World

Well, hope last night was fun for you. Now it is time to get rid of that throbbing hangover. Let’s try out something different this time around, shall we?

Here are 10 of the world’s most shocking, weird and fun hangover remedies:

1. The Ancient Roman Style

The Romans were very fond of their booze and their ladies. Sometimes they woke up feeling like there was a chariot race going on in their head. Everyone knows about the hair of the dog to cure hangovers, but what about the feather of the birds? Those long end tails seem to do the trick. Some even wonder whether the birds were beheaded and eaten alive or not. But all seem to agree that the bird parts work perfectly.


2. The Namibian Drink

Namibians cure the hangover with another drink – the milk. Not just any milk, rich and raw buffalo milk. You must be wondering how on Earth the Buffalo gave milk. Well, it is not really Buffalo’s milk. It is cow’s milk, mixed with clotted cream, spiced rum, dark rum, whole cream and cream liquor. Care to try it?


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