Learn About These 6 Natural And Effective Ways To Relieve Sciatic Pain

If you have been wondering on a typical pain that originates from your thighs or lower back and spreads down to your feet, then the probability is that you are suffering from sciatic pain. The sciatic nerve runs from your lower spine to the feet and can cause tremendous pain if you injure or damage it unknowingly. Also known as sciatica, this pain causes a kind of agonizing throbbing in the lower back and limbs. This pain is not permanent but can occur any time leaving you wondering what did you do to invite this pain.

Most of the people find this pain unbearable and turn to pain relief medications or surgery. However, you should know that there are natural ways that can help you get rid of the agony and relieve sciatic pain. Here are 6 ways you can get rid of sciatica naturally.

1. Yoga and Stretching

Yoga is safe for people suffering from sciatic pain. Stretching and practicing yoga regularly can help in correcting your posture and reduce stiffness, pain as well as inflammation.

The cat-cow yoga pose and the lion’s breath pose are the best yoga poses to relieve sciatic pain. The cat-cow pose is a merge of cat pose (kneel on your fours and lift your back while bending your head down like a cat) and the cow pose (continue kneeling on your fours and move your back down while raising your head with your eyes looking up). For the lion’s breath pose, lie down parallel to the ground using your elbows as support with upper body raised up and tongue out to exhale.

relieve sciatic pain

2. Acupuncture and Massage Therapy

A regular massage can go a long way in helping you get rid of sciatica. It not only relieves back pain and help in muscle relaxation, but also triggers a healthy release of endorphins, which are feel-good hormones of our body acting like pain relievers.

Acupuncture is another way that can aid in relieving acute sciatic pain. In this Chinese treatment method, tiny, thin needles are lightly inserted in certain areas of your body (pressure points) that uses body’s natural flow of energy to reduce pain.

relieve sciatic pain

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