Excessive Facial Hair In Women Can Be A Sign Of A Disease!

3. PCOS and Excess Facial Hair In Women

Testosterone is responsible for body and facial hair in human beings and when the levels of this hormone rise, it results in excess hair growth. In PCOS, the ovaries produce more testosterone than they are supposed to giving rise to excess body and facial hair in women.

Our skin cells and hair follicles are extremely sensitive to testosterone levels and with even a slight increase in their production, excess hair growth in unwanted places like upper lip, chin, sideburn, stomach, and chest takes place.

facial hair in women

4. Skin Problems Related to PCOS

Besides affecting a woman’s reproductive ability and causing excess hair growth on her body and face, PCOS also gives rise to acne problems.

Just like excess hair growth, acne is also caused by increased levels of testosterone. Your skin forms large pores that secrete excess oil forming acne and unhealthy skin. You may also experience flaky skin and dandruff problems, thanks to PCOS.


facial hair in women

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