14 WTF Eyebrow Fails That Are Just So Wrong!

Eyebrows are the most sensitive places to groom. They can also be the most important part of your face – they can make or break your entire appeal. Sometimes worse eyebrows make you look ghostly. You end up ruining your entire facial appeal. In fact, you could also become very hard to detect. This is why criminals sometimes get their eyebrows completely removed. But then there are those who do this purely for fun.

You won’t believe how these people trimmed their eyebrows – it makes them look ghostly and horrendous at the same time. See at your own risk:

1. Because the cat ate both her eyebrows

We wonder if the cat ate her eyebrows that is why she has the cats drawn on her eyebrows, eh? It shows that she has gone 50 shades of not-dark.


2. Who cares brotha

Her expression says it all. It is noticeable though – the lady makes an effort to line her lips but when it comes to eyebrows she has gone over the top to make it worse. Fail!


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