9 Facial Exercises To Make You Look Younger And Brighter

Did you know what the number one cause of skin ageing is? It is poor blood circulation. When we age, the blood pressure drops down and the circulation also takes a little rhythm. Therefore, your skin starts ageing. Exercising is the best way to get blood pumped all over your body. This is why the more you grow older, the more you tend to gain weight – and it is harder to lose. You need adequate exercise to burn those calories for good whether it is from your body or face.

Exclusively for face, we have these few exercises that can work:

1. Feel surprised

This exercise is for your eyebrows. Scrunch your eyebrows by slowly putting out your forehead muscles. Look as if you are surprised. This will prevent forehead wrinkles in the long run and will strengthen the forehead muscles. You can do this 4-5 times every day.


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