16 Facts About Kim Kardashian You Probably Never Knew

Popular is too petty a word for the insanely famous Kardashians! They should be in fact not even counted among the humans anymore. Their extreme fame and fan following has fetched them a name in the legends. And when it comes to the 35-year-old Kim Kardashian, words are just not enough to describe her. Curvy and bright, Kim has it all; she has proved to be a smart businesswoman and is an inspiration to many. Never taking a break from limelight, this Kardashian girl is omnipresent in news and newspapers, magazines, TV shows etc.

You might have been following her on social media and blogs and must be quite confident that you know all about her but your confidence will shake a little when we tell you about some lesser known facts about Kim Kardashian, the booty…oops beauty queen! Read on and add to your Kardashian knowledge book.

1. Before Rising to Fame

Before she became a known figure, thanks to ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, Kim was a fashion adviser and stylist. She has given some fashion lessons to the popular actress Lindsay Lohan.

facts about Kim Kardashian

2. Her 14th Birthday Bash

Kim celebrated her 14th birthday at Neverland Ranch. For those who don’t know what Neverland Ranch is, it was the abode of the late pop singer and entertainer Michael Jackson.

facts about Kim Kardashian

3. Her Music Single

The bootylicious celeb had released a single in the year 2011. The name of the music video was ‘Jam (Turn It Up)’ but it didn’t do her any good.

facts about Kim Kardashian

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