16 Facts About Kim Kardashian You Probably Never Knew

10. Highest Paid Reality Star

There have been many celebrities who have appeared on reality TV shows but none has garnered as much fame as the Kardashians, especially Kim.

It comes as no surprise that Kim is world’s highest paid reality TV star till date.

facts about Kim Kardashian

11. Termed as one of the ‘Worst Five People’ by Peta

Thanks to her fetish for animal furs, she was once targeted by PETA.

PETA awarded her with the title of ‘Worst Five People’ as she was often seen dressed in animal fur.

facts about Kim Kardashian

12. Top 10 Celebrity Playboy Bunny

In a survey conducted among ‘Playboy’ readers, Kim featured in ‘All Time Top 10 Celebrity Playboy Bunnies’.

She was ranked third after Marilyn Monroe and Pamela Anderson.

facts about Kim Kardashian

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