16 Facts About Kim Kardashian You Probably Never Knew

13. Marriage with Kris Humphries

As already mentioned, Kim has married thrice. Before exchanging marital vows with Kanye West, she was married to the basketball star Kris Humphries.

What can be said as one of the shortest marriages ever, Kim and Kris’ marriage lasted for just 72 days.

facts about Kim Kardashian

14. Favorite Movie

Another of those rare facts about Kim Kardashian that you would love to know is that her favorite movie is ‘Clueless’.

Quite a choice!

facts about Kim Kardashian

15. Worst Supporting Actress

Among the many talents that Kim possesses, acting is one of them.

However, her acting isn’t quite appreciated and she was even nominated for the Razzie Award for the “Worst Supporting Actress” in 2009 for the ‘Disaster’ movie.

facts about Kim Kardashian

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