Find Out What Your Future Kids Will Look Like Scientifically

Ever wondered about your future kids, like what will their names be? What will they become when they grow up? Whom they will resemble? Will they be smart enough?

Well, we don’t have answers to the first three questions yet, but we do have the answer to the last one. Science might now actually be able to tell you how smart your child will be when he grows up. Yes, you read that right. You will now be able to test the intelligence of your kid and make an assumption even before he or she is born.

For finding out the intelligence levels, you will need to note the simple things like their eye color or their hair color – like bronze or brown or totally black. These things might give away the number of grey matter cells in the brain – figuratively.

Here is the infographic on which these assumptions are based. This infographic is actually based on deep research on the genetical code by the researchers at Punnet Square. In fact, science even says that the gene’s mutation is responsible for the child’s features. These mutated genes might also be responsible for the higher intellect. Now before you go into flashbacks of the X-men, you might want to give this infographic a look:

1. These might actually also reveal which features your kid will take on

By clearly distinguishing between the weak and strong genes


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