Get Flat Abs: Discover This Best Kept Secret Ingredient

Out of all the body fat, the belly fat is the worst. It pops out when you wear a nice kurti, or when you can’t fit into your favorite jeans. It is the worst. It is where the eyes wander when you wear a Saree. Trust me, it is the worst! It must be got rid of.

This is why we have to discover a way to get rid of this stubborn abdominal fat and get flat abs. Crunches and sit ups are a good way to go, but give yourself a nudge ahead. Try this amazing recipe:

1. The recipe is called the weight loss elixir

Yes, that’s right. As the name tells you, it works wonders for weight loss. Even if you combine it with exercise, it will work wonders for you. Many people have lost kilos and kilos with this formula alone. Although it works bets only on stomach fat, it can make you thinner overall too. Those who are suffering from excess abdominal weight pay attention.


2. How to prepare the weight loss elixir

The first things you will need to prepare this is horseradish and ginger. Dice them up and blend them in the mixer. Once it is mixed, open the top and add some lemon into it. Let the lemon juice be mixed up well with this. Toss it so that the juice is spread evenly. Now to give this mixture the goodness of all the other elements, you have to toss some honey and cinnamon into it.


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