Get The Perfect Hairstyle To Suit Your Face Shape

If you’re confused about how to style your hair, you have to look at the different options that you have based on your face shape. When you pick out a hairstyle based on your face shape you have the maximum chances of getting the perfect look and nailing your style.

Hair puts a frame around a person’s face. So it is important to know what hair your face is asking you to get. Watch the video in the end to nail the look.

1. Oval shape

An oval shape is the ideal face shape. In fact all hairstyles suit this face. The good news is since your face is already outlined by hair, you need to do only minimalistic work to arrange your hair. A medium wavy bob cut would suit your face perfectly. You can loosen up those curls or apply some hair spray to keep them intact.


2. Round shape

If you have a round face, you will have to shape your face so that your face appears ovalish. This can be done by getting the formal straight up do. It is pretty classy and works for all occasions – whether you are in an office party or at the office. You could keep hair just below your shoulder and get them curled at the end. This style suits the one who don’t want to get an up do. First of all spray the gel to the roots of your hair and then hold the spray bottle 3 inches over your hair and roll them down your hair shaft. Untie the knots after 20 minutes and get the perfect dangler curls.


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