This Video Of A Girl Walking Around NYC With No Pants On Without Being Noticed Is Going Viral

Men do not miss a chance to pry and check out any female that passes by, irrespective of her age. Women in the West are more comfortable when it comes to their dressing sense. The open culture allows them to choose any fashion and style they want without being judged for it. Skinny jeans, hot shorts, skimpy skirts, and bikini are no big deal for women. This is why a model with no pants on could easily walk on the NYC streets without being glared at. She literally went unnoticed by the crowd!

Model Pranksters and model Leah Jung did a small social experiment to see how people reacted to a woman who walks with no pants on. Her full legs were on display, yet she managed to go unnoticed because of the incredible body art she was covered in.

1. The Model

Leah Jung, a native of New York, is a model, musician, and a popular tattoo industry personality.

She has a beautiful body that has been further enhanced by some amazing tattoo work.

no pants on

2. The Prank

Model Pranksters and Leah decided to do a social experiment. It was decided that Leah would walk down the streets of NYC with no pants on and see how people react to the bold move. You will see that Leah does have a pair of super skinny jeans on and still is called pant-less. Well, we are not lying, the girl is actually not wearing any pants. The denims she seems to be wearing are fake and it is indeed body art that has her legs covered.

no pants on

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