This Video Of A Girl Walking Around NYC With No Pants On Without Being Noticed Is Going Viral

5. Walking Down the Stairs in a Crowded Place

The model then decided to walk past the crowd and stepped down the stairs where people were sitting. Again, nobody bothered to sense anything weird and she did not have to make any efforts to prove that she is not faking it.

no pants on

6. How She Tricks the Store Guide

Leah then went a step ahead and walked into a store. She asked a store guide to help her find the same kind of super skinny jeans that she is wearing. She said that it was gifted to her by a friend and wants to know where can she find this type of jeans in the store.

The store guide asked her to check out the section on the ground floor and try her luck. Even the store guide couldn’t make out that Leah had no pants on and was simply faking it with her body art.

no pants on

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