12 Gym Workout Pictures That Will Make You Laugh Even If You Are Depressed

The gym is a very fun place. You will see many kinds of fitness freaks here. However some are there just to give us good belly laughter. Here are a few examples of such fitness crazy ones whom you can spot in any gym:

1. He’s doing the jumping style squat

Watch him squat up and down while he is trying to lose weight. We bet the gym instructor had a good laugh before telling him that was not the way to do it.


2. This guy is spooked out by the weird witch fest in the background

Yes, somehow the wicca has managed to come out of her hidden cave and do some crunches (LOL) – after all so many years of caving can put anyone out of shape. But not sure whether it is her or her hair that needs the exercise.


3. Another kind of Velcro wrist wraps in the gym

Ok, to be fair, that can happen to a lot of people actually. But that doesn’t stop us from letting out a few giggles when we see it. We’re not sure if she is riding the wave or flying in the air with those Velcro wrist wraps in the gym. That isn’t a good exercise m’lady!


4. This is what happens when two bros workout together

If this is happening right in front of the gym instructor, guess what happens in the locker rooms. There’s always some room for bromance even when you are working it out.


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