Is Your Headache Fatal? Find Out Before It’s Too Late!

Do you have frequent headaches? Usually these headaches are caused due to many reasons for example your eyesight reducing, or sinuses or migraine – all of which are common problems commonly related to headaches. To top it all about 12 million Americans are misdiagnosed each year. This leaves us with little hope about finding put the right reasons behind our headaches. So what if your headache is telling you something big is taking place?

Check out the signs to know if your headache is dangerous:

1. Headaches can be of different sorts and they are pretty common

They can be an indication of sinus, tension or migraine. These come with a dull pain and build slowly.


2. Sometimes headaches indicate aneurysm, internal bleeding or brain tumor

In very rare cases it could also mean that arteries and veins aren’t aligned properly.


3. Sudden unbearable headache is called “thunderclap headache”

If they get worse after 60secs they are caused by internal bleeding.


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