12 Hilarious Expectation vs. Reality Situations Every Girl Ever Faced!

Looking around the world there are a lot of cool things that we’d like to try out. But is doing them the same? Perhaps not! There are so many times when we wish we could take that perfect “sunset on the beach” selfie or that “gamer girl selfie”. Things never seem to go our way in these matters. Here are expectations vs reality moments that every girl faces.

If you thought you were the only one facing these things, brace yourselves! I have an entire list of things tried and failed by girls like you and me. Check this out:

1. When putting out a bubble gum

When you walk into your crush and you want to make a bubble gum effect for them to see you, this is what usually happens (see image). No, really. Like either your bubble gum over inflates and wraps all over your face, or just doesn’t inflate enough and sags down. Ouch!


2. When getting up from the water

You have all this grand entrance mapped up in your head, but no matter what you do, the reality will betray you. It will show up so lame, that you would have to fight with your friend, who took the photo, to delete it. Trust me, we have all been there.


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