This Is How The Indian Girl From Harry Potter Looks Now

Harry Potter had an Indian touch when these two witches went to dance with Ron and Harry. They might not have had a longer sequence but they were enough to leave us wanting to see more of these girls. So what happened to them after the movie? Ever wondered? Okay let us rack your brains first, since they had a blink and a miss scene:

1. You might remember them from this scene

They did not have any luck dancing with Ron. He was realizing something about his feelings for Hermione and the sequence was therefore fully focused on him sitting idly on the table while the girls wanted to dance. So naturally he upset the two ladies.


2. If you must need a little more nudge

This is the entire team and yes, you will see them in different shows now. For example the guy on the extreme right is the one you see on the hit show “How to Get Away With Murder” now. The girl on the immediate left of him is the girl whom we saw trying to dance opposite Ron in the movie. Remember her now?



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