10 Interesting Navel Facts That Nobody Ever Told You

All of us have a navel, also called as a belly button that sits quietly on our lower abdomen doing nothing except collecting lint. Have you ever wondered how is it caused or what it is so unique about them? Well, let me tell you for starters that navel is a scar that is formed as soon as you are born and the umbilical cord that connects you to your mother is cut. This is a permanent scar that lives with you throughout your life.

While some find it very attractive, others have a phobia of navel. Women flaunt their belly buttons in low waist denims and sarees that most men find very sexy. Besides attracting men and lint, here are some interesting navel facts that you might have never heard of.

1. Home to 67 Types of Bacteria

Your belly button is one of the dirtiest places of your body as it is home to 67 types of bacteria. Pretty gross but that’s how it is. The fatter you are, the more bacteria you accumulate as the skin and flesh that hangs from your belly covers up your navel leaving it hot and moist making it prone to bacteria. However, it is advisable to wash it regularly only with normal water or mild soap and not by some antibacterial soap or liquid.

navel facts

2. Outies and Innies

If you have observed navels, you must have realised that some people have an outie while others have an innie. Maximum number of humans have an innie and it is normal. An outie, on the other hand, is a faulty navel caused by improper tying up of the umbilical cord after birth. Blame your doctor in case you have an outie.

navel facts

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