10 Interesting Navel Facts That Nobody Ever Told You

5. Present Only in Mammals

Almost all of us have a belly button except for some rare people who have had an umbilical hernia operated on. And if you thought only humans have this special decor on their body, then you are wrong. All mammals, including lions, whales, dogs have a belly button.

navel facts

6. Sexy Navel Shapes

People have differently shaped navels; some are oval, some are deep, some are round and some T-shaped.

Research and studies have shown that T-shaped belly buttons are more attractive and sexy as compared to other shapes.

In fact, Karolina Kurkova, termed as the world’s sexiest woman in 2008, did not have a belly button! No, she wasn’t born without one; she had undergone umbilical surgery due to a rare kind of hernia that she was diagnosed with after her birth.

navel facts

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