KFC Fined £3200 For Larva And Beetles In Their Filthy Kitchen

After the rat fry scandal KFC seems to have got into another trouble. There were some beetles and larva found in the Dundee KFC outlet. Not only that the entire kitchen area was dirty and greasy and in horrible condition.

It is really degrading to see how the quality of food has been going down in major food outlets. We had been warned about junk food but we continued to gorge on them. These incidents seem to be pointing towards something.

1. According to latest news the fried chicken restaurant has received complaints about larva and beetles on its food

This happened in the branch at High Street, Dundee in Tayside, Scotland. The place was unsanitary which is why the owners were fined 3200 pounds. Also, since investigation was done on that very outlet, it also came to light that the place was very greasy and the kitchen floors were rather dirty.


2. Surprisingly, the owners have owned the mistake

Scotco Eastern Ltd has owned the mistake – as the owners of the franchise of that outlet. Director of Operations, Ann Cooper also said “I was bitterly disappointed by the failure of this restaurant to uphold our quality and food hygiene standards and I apologize on behalf of the business.”


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