10 Epic Texts That Are Sure Not The Best Way To Break Up

If you’re thinking to end your relationship, think about the HOW more than once. Or you might as well end up finding your name on the list of 10 epic texts that are sure not the best way to break up. And I swear, you’ll be rolling on the floor by the time you reach the end of this list 😉

1. The lucky hour – or not ?

I really hope that the next message to come from his end was “jk”. I mean can you imagine how horrible it must feel to get a response like that on your for life dreams with your partner ?

1- Not The Best Way To Break Up

2. Be careful when cheating

Not sure if she was drunk and mistook James for Jared, but surely this is not the right way to break up. If you’re dating someone else already (and this seems beyond dating), then why to keep your (ex)partner on hold ? So you can get back to him in case the new relation doesn’t work out ? I must vouch for James here…

2- Not The Best Way To Break Up

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