10 Epic Texts That Are Sure Not The Best Way To Break Up

9. That’s the point!

Since when is “you’ll never find someone like me” a valid argument to try avoiding a break up ? If your partner is breaking up with you because it’s not working out, then most definitely they’re not looking for someone like you ever again. So yes, that’s the point here.

9- Not The Best Way To Break Up

10. You didn’t hear it from me!

Somehow I have a feeling that Josh was behind all this. He probably didn’t have the guts to face poor Jenna, and had someone else bring in the news. Coz Jenna is definitely going to call up Josh after this conversation. Or at least she’s gonna be prepared for it and might even do the first more.

I think hearing it from someone else is like the worst worst ever break up imaginable. So better never do this please ?

10- Not The Best Way To Break Up

Now that you folks had a nice laugh reading these epic break up texts, I still hope you agree with me that neither of this is a best way to break up. If you feel a relationship is over and there is no point in taking it further, just have the guts to admit it in person. You can avoid breaking a heart by simply taking the news over in an appropriate manner. Peace.