This Nurse Is Breaking The Internet – You Won’t Believe Why!

There are people who take us aback with their kickass lifestyle sometimes, and they make us wish we were doing the things they are! This girl is just a regular nurse by the day, but that is not all she is. She has taken the Instagram by storm by posting her sensuous modeling pictures.

This model is being rightly called the “world’s hottest nurse” and we couldn’t disagree! She is definitely spreading her charm over the netizens. Check out some of her pictures that will leave your jaw wide open:

1. Her full name is Kaicyre Palmers

She is a nurse by profession. But behind those scrubs lives a girl who aspires to be more than just a nurse it seems. She keeps posting her pictures on the internet with scrubs and without it. She has definitely managed to wow her followers with her different adventures that she documented.


2. So as a result she has 140,000+ followers on Instagram

Instagram is for people who speak with pictures. Palmers is one of those. She keeps posting pictures of her adventurous trips with her friends in Bahamas and other exotic locations. Some would say that she is “good girl gone bad”, but we think she is just a nurse who loves to have fun after her daily hectic schedule.



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