This Man Went From An Obese Social Worker To A Hot Hunk In Just 12 Weeks!

Unbelievable yet true! A man lost 3 stones in just 12 weeks!! Sounds like another hoax, is it? Well, read till the end and you will realize how some things can change your life for the better. While some of us do try to follow a strict diet and workout regime, others give up after some time and few others are just happy dreaming of that body but not putting any efforts to achieve the results.

We would like to share a real motivational story of a guy who was an obese social worker for a very long time but transformed into a hot hunk in mere 12 weeks! His journey from fat to fab will inspire you to start loving your body and caring for it.

1. An Obese Social Worker

Patrick Magno hails from San Diego, California and was just another office worker. He was obese and was told by the doctors that he was at the risk of diabetes. Patrick weighed 181 lbs and was warned by the doctors that similar to his dad who had fought diabetes for aeons, he too was at a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

hot hunk

2. His Occupation

Patrick’s life wasn’t happening. To add to this, his occupation simply left him dull and uninterested in his own life.

This guy had an emotionally draining job of rehousing neglected and abused young kids in San Diego area. Ignoring his health, he piled on pounds and didn’t realise until he was at the risk of diabetes.

hot hunk

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