OMG! This Air Hostess Made £650,000 Charging Passengers For…

Being an air hostess can be quite the job if you ask me. However for some women, there is opportunity everywhere. This is how this woman made a whopping 650,000 pounds in two years by charging the passengers for making out with her. Yeah, just in case you were wondering, it went beyond that too.

A flight attendant’s job is to be very friendly with the passengers. But this woman got a little bit too friendly and also earned heftily for that!

1. The things that happened in the lavatory…

Are not always kept in the lavatory. She used to copulate (for the lack of a better term) with the passengers in the lavatory and earned some extra money while also getting her paycheck. 04-1

2. However not all good things last long

The flight attendant was fired and sacked when she was caught. We don’t know for sure if she was caught in the act though. That must have been quite a sight. But thinking about it – it had to be in the act because neither party would ever confess, right? So OMG! This flight attendant was caught doing it with the passenger. WTF!



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