OMG!!!! This Woman Has Been Pregnant For Two Years Awaiting Labour…

Pregnancy brings mixed feelings to a woman. While it is a great joy to bring a life on this earth, it is still difficult to imagine 9 months of diet restrictions, weight gain and hormonal changes that pregnancy brings along with it. Yet, most women manage to opt for nine months of drastic change in lifestyle. Can you imagine what would happen if the child refuses to be born even after two such long years of wait?

Angie Dellora is a living example of such a plight. She has been pregnant since the past two years and is still waiting for the day her baby will arrive. This 32-year-old resident of Bellingham is in her 23rd month of pregnancy.

Right now, her baby weighs 19 pounds, which is equal to 8 kgs. This weight is unnatural for the baby and yet there is no sign of labour. World Health Organisation has reported this as one of the world’s longest pregnancies ever recorded. Since past four months, Angie has been declared immobile due to her particular medical condition.Pregnant for two years

The usual delivery takes around nine months. In some cases, it may be a bit longer but 2 years is truly rare. It is the result of the odd medical condition of the mother that does not permit the foetus to gain the required levels of oxygen. This prevents the baby’s body organs to grow at the same pace as the rest of the body.

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