OMG!!!! This Woman Has Been Pregnant For Two Years Awaiting Labour…

Is this a Hoax to Get Popular on Social Media?

While the story surely sounds interesting and scary, it is not really believable. Today, people do anything to bag a few likes on social media and this could be just another viral tale. The reason we believe this is just a publicity stunt is because Angie Dellora comes from a developed country. Even in developing countries, if the pregnancy is delayed beyond the 40 week gestation period, doctors force a pregnancy to keep at least the mother safe. Can a woman be pregnant for two years and doctors be blind to it?

In Angie’s case, doctors surely would have suggested something like that. It is hard to believe that doctors are risking the life of the mother and the child by letting it continue. Even if labour gets delayed, it may extend only by a few weeks. A two year long pregnancy is only seen in elephants.


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