Before Getting Married They Decided To Do This Together…

1. Meet the couple – Claire Crowthers and Stephen These two were of course madly in love and decided to tie the knot. However, they had one thing to accomplish before they said “I do” – to get in shape! Apparently, they thought that they were not “sexy” enough.


8 Annoying Habits of Girls Which Guys Hate The Most

Girlfriends can be crazy sometimes. Nobody’s perfect. However there are some things which a guy typically hates about his girlfriend. Almost all girls do these things at some point. Many a times when you think your guy has broken up with you because he’s cheating on you, you might be…


She Went On A Blind Date, Then THIS Happened To Her

How far would you go to find the love of your life? Albeit in today’s fast paced world, anyone hardly has the time to go searching for love. But some of us, those hopeless romantics among us, never lose hope. In fact, sometimes fate does play a miraculous card and…

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5 Insanely Popular Moms That Will Go Down in History

1. The Octomom Nadya Denise Doud-Suleiman came to be known as the Octomom in January 2009, after she gave birth to 8 babies. Suleiman is an unemployed single mother who now has 6 children hopping around her house after most of her children surpassed the average octuplet survival rate. They…

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Is This Kim Kardashian? You Won’t Believe Your Eyes When You See Her!

Check out the picture below. Do you think this is Kim Kardashian? You’re wrong! But you’re not the only one who’s wrong. Several others of her followers on Instagram made the same mistake. 1. Kamillia Osman shares a lot of features with the celebrity She can be called her doppelganger…


These Are Few Of The World’s Tallest Women Who Ever Lived

A good height is seen as gift and feature that adds to a persons beauty. There are people who die for having good height and some are those who are happy with their cute little height. For the people who love sports and modelling, tallness is bliss. Here are the…


Terrifying Pictures of The Dark Side of Nature Will Make You Sweat!

From our office cubicles when we look at the wallpapers of nature on our desktops, we get dreamy eyed thinking that nature is soothing and the most healing of all things. We also call her “mother nature” meaning it can lull us to sleep. But don’t be fooled by this…


Pictures Of this Fitness Freak Working Out On 10,000ft Cliff Is A Rage

Fitness enthusiasts leave no stone unturned to satisfy their fitness requirements. We too are one of those and people like us do not just desire for a lean body, but also for some exciting workouts. But this man took his workouts to great heights, actually. Read this story and you…


These Are The Toys Which Should Never Exist In First Place

When it comes to letting our kids run wild in Toys , it’s very important for parents to remember that not every toy-maker thinks the same way we do. Think about it: When you were growing up, did you have a toy that might’ve been deemed inappropriate? Below are few inappropriate toys that should’ve never…


10 Gruesome Pictures From History That Will Scar You For Life

Human race has not got till this point without some difficulties. There have been ups and downs, but thanks to technology we can review them and trace our paths. However, not all moments in history are beautiful – some are downright scary and horrifying. These are some of the pictures…


10 Selfies You Should See Before They Go Down in History

The world is taken by the selfie storm and there is nothing you can do to avoid it. Social media has kept you aware of this norm and perhaps you are busy taking your own right now! However, you can certainly make the selfie journey a lot more fun by…

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She Was Harassed For Her Plus Size, But Now She Is a Super Model ! Here is How

Tess Holliday is a size-22 social media star who’s taken the fashion world by storm. One of the world’s top plus-size models, Holliday, 29, is also a body-positive activist who created the popular movement #effyourbeautystandards to promote acceptance and inclusion of all body types. “To me it’s just a word,…


This Husband Divorced His Wife After Looking Closer At This Picture

What Is The Secret Behind this picture A picture has gone viral all over internet which seemed innocent photograph of a young woman sitting on her bed. The image was accompanied by a supposed backstory. The story goes like this. After coming home from being away for 20 days, a husband…