Part Time Kim Kardashian Makes $54k A Year, Says She Was Bullied

While you are out there passing judgment, even Kim lookalikes are making more bucks than you. Don’t believe it? This woman has been making 54k a year just because of one reason – she looks like Kim Kardashian.

This is a nice employment opportunity for all the Kim lookalikes out there. While the world has a love hate relationship with Kim herself, some are gladly making profits off of her limelight. Her story is unique…

1. This is what the Kim look alike actually looks like

I don’t know about you but I don’t think that looks anywhere close to Kim. She has a hot bod for sure, but the picture of Kim is right beside her for y’all to see. Do you think she looks anywhere close to her?

If this is how the world is going to see Kim, they might as well call Kanye West Kim Kardashian!


2. We can now see why this is happening

Apparently this woman has a nice derriere and she also has a long face like Kim. So she is being paid 54k a year to do stunts like Kim. So when people see Kim, they actually see her derriere first.

Didn’t take the people of the world to be so gullible to take this woman as the replacement of Kim. There’s a difference – if you are even seeing beyond the derriere that is.


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