Part Time Kim Kardashian Makes $54k A Year, Says She Was Bullied

3. Twins? From which angle?

This is more like Danny DeVito and Arnold in the classic comedy IYKWIM. This is one of those things that you expect to see when there is a world that hasn’t already had enough of the Kardashians.

But calling a random women Kim just goes to show the desperation and crisis for the Kardashian sisters around the globe. This is one of the really bad examples of a celebrity look alike when we have so many others around.


4. Same dresses

This is it! Buying same dress is not equal to looking the same! If this were the case then anybody buying limited celebrity edition clothing would be the same. But celebrity resemblance is first of all overrated and secondly, this women doesn’t even look like Kim Kardashian.

This lady and Kim Kardashian are in no way similar in any aspect. Compare their figure, their structure – even the frame. She is surely making a lot of money with this without having any resemblance with the star whatsoever.


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