Part Time Kim Kardashian Makes $54k A Year, Says She Was Bullied

5. This woman’s actual name is Jo’Anne Patton

Jo’Anne is apparently 32 years old. She is a model and has spent half her life in front of the camera. That’s why she has been the poster girl of so many professional looking pictures. But we’re still unable to find the resemblance with Kim.

Apparently modeling for half of your life makes you look like a celebrity who has herself spent millions trying to perfect her shape.


6. Is it the makeup?

So now it’s clear, this woman has been told by some of her colleagues that she probably resembles Kim in some way. Since then she has managed to look like the celebrity. She seems to have used a lot of makeup for this. In the process she has grabbed some eyeballs too.

Good for her. She is making quite a large sum of money using her new found fame.


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