It Looks Like A Pimple From Outside But Wait Till You Look Closer…Scary!

Ever wondered how suddenly some diseases have taken birth which were never heard of earlier? Ebola, swine flu etc are some diseases that didn’t exist until last decade. Read on to know how something that looked like a pimple from outside was diagnosed to be something scary by physicians.

1. The Menace called Flies

Flies are a menace! They are present in everyone’s home and though are irritating, look harmless. However, there are different types of flies on earth and some can be dangerous too.


2. Harmful Flies

Now that we have told you that some flies are harmful, let us now tell you which are those dangerous flies that you should be wary of. Botflies, also known as Warble flies or Weel flies are one of those flies that should be kept at bay. They belong to Ostridae family of flies and they usually lay their eggs on animals like horses and dogs. When the eggs hatch and the larvae are out, they grow on the host body.

pimple from outside

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