When People Played Pokemon Go At The Most Inappropriate Places

The latest sensation, the rage, the fever that has caught up with more than 100 million people worldwide is Pokemon Go. The free to play game developed by Niantic for Android and iOS users has spiralled up to fame in no time. Released in July 2016 in selected countries, the game went viral all over the world sooner than imagined. Crazy is the word for this app that has got everyone on their toes.

The game has a unique concept of location based augmented reality game using GPS facility that allows the user to create an avatar first and then go to places shown on the map of the app to find various Pokemons. While some have found it a lucrative idea to be involved in physical activity and be entertained simultaneously, others find it a nuisance that has also given rise to accidents and mishaps at some places. Here are some of the most inapproproate places that Pokemons have been found. We hope you haven’t been driven to these weird places for mere entertainment.

1. Graveyard

This Squirtle was found in a graveyard.

What better place than to find your beloved Pokemon in a spooky graveyard!

Pokemon Go

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