Pregnant Man Gave Birth To His Brother After 36 years !

A shrill shiver runs behind my neck while I write this but can you ever imagine a pregnant man ? Well yeah, we found an Aunt Voula, from My big fat Greek wedding, in India.

The astonishing case of Sanju Bhagat who was said to be 9 months pregnant man was a shocking discovery in medical history.

Sanjay Kumar, also known as Sanju Bhagat, of Nagpur, India carried his parasitic twin for 36 years. He always felt self-conscious about his swollen belly.

One night, in June 1999, the mystery inside his big tummy was solved when his problem grew painful and serious. He was unable to breathe.

The 36 year old farmer was rushed to the hospital. The doctors suspected a big tumor inside and decided to do the required treatment and remove the thing from his stomach.

The fetus and Sanju Bhagat.

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