This Is Why Queen Elizabeth Refused To Sit On The Throne of GoT

The Royals are always a treat a watch. No matter what they say or do, people are always gushing about them. They seem to remind us that whatever we read in the history books were actually true. In my mind, that is quite fascinating – to think of a world ruled by kings and Queens, not that I would ever want it to go back to that way. But yeah, it sort of is regal in its own way. So when the Queen visited Northern Ireland, things got pretty rough and not for their reasons you’d imagine..

1. Last year, when Queen Elizabeth herself visited the Northern Ireland everybody was almost unanimously thinking…

She has to sit on the throne yes. The throne may not be the one in which the Queen feels comfortable, but it is a throne nonetheless and it would not be complete without the Queen sitting on it. Of course as we see on the show now, that the Queen has finally sat on the throne. Similarly, the real life Queen – Elizabeth was asked to sit on the throne.


2. Yes, indeed she went to Northern Ireland to visit the sets of the show

And the show’s producers were thrilled. In fact they were thinking the same – will she? Won’t she? I mean everybody on the sets must have thought about it. Why won’t the real Queen sit on the most popular fictional thrones of our days? One would like to think that the Queen would give in to the people’s wishes…



3. However when her Majesty was asked to sit on the throne, she absolutely rejected the idea

Nobody had a clue as to why she would be so uninterested in sitting down on the throne. I mean it is the most popular throne around the world probably now. Everyone was watching. The cast and crew of the show were really disappointed that she wouldn’t sit on it.


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