Here Are The Main Reasons Why Your Period Blood Smells

Those three to five days of the month are the most challenging for any menstruating woman (and for those too who need to deal with her). She gets cranky, uncomfortable, is in pain, and also has mood swings that can tear her apart. While all this can be handled meticulously, there is something really irritating about periods – the offensive period blood smell. You may have a Chanel or a Gucci to prevent embarrassment, but nothing can save you from the repugnant smell when you pull down your panties in the toilet during those days.

You may have got used to the odour but haven’t you been wondering why your period blood smells? What causes your period blood to smell is something we would like to inform you through this article. Read on to learn more about that nasty odour, what is normal and what is not.

1. Period Blood Smell

Vaginal odour keeps changing all the time and menstrual blood has its own odour. During one cycle, you may experience a pungent smell while there may be very little or almost no smell during another.

Now that you know that these odours are natural and it is not karma taking over on you, let us now understand why period blood smells.

period blood smells

2. pH Balance

A normal pH level keeps things normal but menstruation has never been a normal thing for women (those cramps and odours…aarghhh).

The pH level of our body rises during menstruation making the blood less acidic. This low acidity results in the growth of bacteria down there that causes period blood to smell.


period blood smells

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