Here Are The Main Reasons Why Your Period Blood Smells

3. Bacteria

Period blood is not all blood; it consists of vaginal mucus, bacteria, and tissue i.e. the lining of the uterus.There are chances that the uterus lining is surrounded by fungus and bacteria during menstruation and it is these culprits that come out with the menstrual blood and make their presence felt in the form of that unpleasant smell.

The longer the blood stays in the uterus, the more apparent and stronger the smell will be.

period blood smells

4. Air Blockage In The Vaginal Area

Using a tampon or sanitary pads is mandatory for women if they don’t want their clothes to get messy. To protect their clothes from getting soiled, they use menstrual products that keep the period blood from leaking or travelling down the thighs.

However, these products stay so close to the genitalia that air flow is blocked to that area. This causes odours to build up and emit smell. Using a tampon may allow some air flow to the area but it gives rise to bacterial growth. We are not recommending you to stop using these products, there is no alternative to them but changing them often will make things better for you.

period blood smells

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