Her Boyfriend Caught Something Strange in The Camera When She Was Posing

Sometimes life can be very unforgiving. For reasons unknown, sometimes healthy looking people are diagnosed with some rare diseases and out of a sudden their lives are changed forever. New insecurities, new fears creep up and things happen that we have no explanation for.

1. One such story is of this young lady whose name is Meagan Barnard

She is an aspiring model whose modeling career ended before it beginning when she got diagnosed with a rare, incurable disease. She is just fifteen years old and she got devastating news from her doctor that she is suffering from a rare medical condition called lymph edema which causes the swelling of the lymph nodes in the leg.


2. In this disease the lymph nodes get damaged completely

There was not just this horrific news but also the pain of getting bullied by the high school students. Yes, that’s right she had to go through high School with this disease. We can only imagine how much difficult it must have been for her. She was named “Michelin Man” due to the swelling of her legs. Yes, there can be some meanest of people studying in schools.


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