Say No To Refilling Plastic Water Bottles! Here’s Why…

Plastic bottles are the most convenient of all types of bottles to carry around. Their relatively lighter weight and easy availability make them the most preferred choice when it comes to holding and storing water. Most of us have a habit of reusing the same bottle for drinking purposes without bothering a tad bit about the dangers it can pose to our health. Yes, reusing and refilling plastic water bottles can be hazardous to health and can play with your body system. If you are one of those who has been happily contributing to saving the environment by reusing your plastic bottles, here’s something you should definitely read.

1. Plastic Bottles

Plastic has always been considered bad for health and environment. There are many places in the world that have taken the initiative to ban plastic objects to save the environment. However, because of its cheap and easy availability at most places, they are still quite popular.

Drinking water is usually packaged in plastic bottles that are intended to be used just once. However, many people keep reusing the same bottle time and again which in turn is slowly affecting their health.

refilling plastic water bottles

2. Bacterial Growth

If you are refilling plastic water bottles, you are securing a breeding ground for bacteria, especially if you do not wash it regularly and properly. Plastic is more prone to bacterial growth than any other material and its regular use can make you sick.

Most plastic water bottles have a narrow mouth that makes it all the more difficult to clean, thus inviting bacteria. However, pure and safe the drinking water is, the bacteria inside the bottle that is holding the water can play havoc with your health.


refilling plastic water bottles

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